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  Animation preparation Operator
 2D cut out Animator
 3D Animator
 3D Modeler
 Administrateur Système
 Animation check
 Animation's Designer
 Artistic Director
 Authoring DvD
 Background Colourist
 Background Designer
 Background Modeler
 Build man
 Character Designer
 Character Modeler
 Characters Colourist
 Chef shading, lightning, rendering
 Communication Head Manager
 Compositing Operator
 Compositing supervisor
 Computer graphic artist - shading, lignting, render
 Computer graphic artist - texture
 Computer graphic FX designer
 Computer graphics designer
 Exposre sheet Animator
 Film Director
 Film Director's Assistant
 Fur-Hair Specialist
 Game Designer
 Game Developer
 Gestionnaire de Calcul
 Graphic bible Author
 Graphic Designer
 Intervals Animator
 Literary bible Author
 many job offers
 Matte Painter
 Model Cleaner
 Modeler for stop motion
 Modeling departement Manager
 mold maker (volume)
 Motion Capture Actor
 Motion Designer
 Music Film 's Composer
 Production Assistant
 Production coordinator
 Production Director
 Production Manager
 Project manager
 Project Manager / Technical Director
 Props and FX Colourist
 Props Designer
 Props Modeler
 Setuper 3D
 Sound effects
 Sound mixer
 Spécial effect designer
 Special effects technician
 Stage Director
 Stop Motion Animator
 Story writer
 Switchboard operator
 Technicien Système
 Traditional 2D Animator
 Video Digitizing Operator
 Video editor
 Voice Actor
 Web 3D Manipulator
 Writing director

 After effect
 Anime pro
 CelAction 2D
 Cinema 4D
 DVD Studio Pro
 Encore DVD
 Final Cut
 Sync magic
 Toonboom Animate
 Toonboom Harmony
 Toonboom Storyboard
 TV Paint

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