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2018-12-19Happy New Year 2019

Best Wishes !

2017-12-30Happy New Year 2018

2017-01-04Happy New Year 2017



Hello everyone!

We invite you to come have a drink at Bistro des Artistes Thursday, March 27 from 19:30.

This is an opportunity to meet colleagues, to make new friends, drink, drink and drink again ...

It happens at 6 rue des Anglais 75005 Paris. metro
St Michel or Maubert-Mutualite.

See you soon

The team Katoonk.com

2014-01-01Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year !

The Katoonk team wishes you all the best for the year 2014.

Be it filled with projects and inspiration!




We Call everyone who didn’t return on the website since 1 year !
In order to Keep Katoonk allways : credible, maintained, updated and sexy !
We will proceed to a dusting

Are in DANGER everyone who have not input their resume by computer in ACCOUNT / PROFILE / complete your resume
The PDF file is not enough !

You risk the CAPTAL PUNISHEMENT ; it means : your account suppression
However it’s done in 5 minutes :Ctrl+ C ; Ctrl +V
So don’t wait any longer!

You must resolve this very critical situation until the 8th of may; The countdown begins !
Thanks or playing the game. And think that it’s also in your best interest : a completed resume is a referenced resume.

If you did recieve a personal email, this message concerns you !!!
Best regards
The Katoonk.com Team


Find the complete list of BELGIAN animation studios in our STUDIODATABASE!


Find the complete list of LUXEMBOURG animation studios in our STUDIODATABASE!

2013-04-18UK STUDIOS

Find the complete list of ENGLISH animation studios in our STUDIODATABASE!



Find the complete list of IRISH animation studios in our STUDIODATABASE!



Hello to all

To meet one last time before the end of the world:

Afterwork Party (from 7pm) Friday, December 14, 2012

Café Dupont, 84 Avenue de France 75013 Paris. Metro 14: Biblioyhèque

In animation, there are people stuffed with talent. That evening, we will focus on eight astronauts who made ??their classes at the "Gobelins animation school" and now, form a music group WITH a 
Myspace! : THE OUAISCECOOL! They attempt to sublime film music, cartoon generics in a ways that we no longer know where we are. They will be on stage between 8 and 9pm (possibility of recall if you are making some noiiiiiiiiise!)

New Bar, New Rules: Happy Hour from 5 to 9pm to brighten, large sofas to chat or snore, baby-football to challenge, small badges at the entrance to present and we created a space to
display your books to help each other.

Invite your colleagues!

see you soon


2012-09-16NEWSLETTER Did you know

Fulfill your katoonk-resume is useful, Did you know?

Companies recruit 80% through resume consultation and not by posting a job offer ! But  they have no time to lose and remove immediately all incomplet resumes.A button in the advanced search has  even been created for this purpose You think that importing a pdf resume and put a link to your website.No, you're wrong ! Explanations !

The pdf resume:

Very useful for the company, it allows you to be kept in mind because the resume is PRINTABLE

But it is a PICTURE file and it is impossible to set a keyword search on it Also, for any targeted research : You no longer exist !

And, the compagnie need to pay its consultation

So if you have not completed your career in our resume questionary to entice the recruiter nothing will happen .... But nothing at all ! The PDF resume ALONE is with no effect

Your web site :

Similarly, the consultation cost money (We are bound to, because your mails are therein)

And for the sake of fairness, the site provides the same opportunities to those who know or not, how to create web sites By putting at your disposal a picture-book and a video-demo for free.

Remember also to "pre chew" work for the Recruiter to stand out of the crowd, because one thing is for sure, on its side, he will give no harm !

Finally, as we offer a quality service, we will in the month of March-April spring cleaning Incomplete resumes will be deleted. (And those with fanciful names too!) So hop hop hop, no more time to lose, copy - paste each line of your resume in ACCOUNT / PROFILE / (last question) COMPLETE YOUR RESUME and do not forget to ADD every post before VALIDATE the all of it. yeah man!

NEWSLETTER Did you know


To enjoy the last night of summer and reconnect with the world of work, we invite you to regroup on the roof of the "25 ° East" bar for a drink:

InterStudios evening - after work (19h) Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad 75019 Paris Métro: Jaurès

Have fun!

The team katoonk.com


2012-07-02MOOVING to a dedicated server

The website will be shut down a short time.

As you are so many to use katoonk (47000 unique visitors / month!) and the old hosting drudge a bit, we aim to offer you more comfort and speed. So we move to a dedicated server.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

2012-06-26NEWSLETTER Did you know


By switching from V.1 to V.2. The majority of the website remaines Free. But some "Push services" are reserved to subscribers :

- Me subscriber; I get an email notifying me of Job offer post that match my criteria. And you do know that: First applyed, first hired!

- Me subscriber; I have access to all informations in the Studio database (animation directory)and can submit spontaneous candidacy to companies.

-Me subscriber; I can use the stars of the Resume database to mark and follow my colleagues,build my social and professional network and make play my relationships to find my jobs easier. What else !

-Me subscriber; I can get in touch with other professionals, ask for recommendation letters, ask for artbook critics, and ask to be introduced to somebody special

This is all very good. But HOW MUCH will cost all that ?!

…10 euros the YEAR ( Phew, I said it, at last ! ) ... the equivalent of a movie ticket,  2 packs of cigarettes or A Big Mac menu WITH his Sunday... "O the big greedy ! " Will you name us ...But no, we needed to do it, for not closing the store.

Tired of beeing stuck in the sofabecause of days of unemployment and miss the job offers on Katoonk ? (just for info, today there were 10 of them !) ...Then SUBSCRIBE!

NEWSLETTER Did you know

2012-06-24NEWSLETTER Did you know

There is a simplified system of recruitment! DID YOU KNOW?!

In moving from the V.1.00 V.2.00. We wanted to simplify your management of candidacy. Before you had to juggle between your emails and the resumes on the website .... a always in and out!

This tool hides in Resume database / by candidates. You will have:                        

- The list of applicants and their resumes next by

- The reminder title indicating the targeted position

- A small minus sign to delete the profil by this same click the candidate will be notify by mail, that he was not selected (super convenient because they expect an answer, even a negative one)

- A small star to mark the best candidates

-And finally a percentage of agreement between your offer and the profile of the candidate. The percentage is developed on the basis of location, job, years of experience, comfort at the job and with the software used.

Also, when you delete a job offer in the JOB database all candidates, will be deleted from your candidate list and notified by mail that they are not held. Once the offer PROVIDED nobody can no longer apply.

Finally, as in the V.1.OO you are notified by mail -to the address you provided specifically for this recruitment- of the arrival of a candidacy and its seeking employment letter in your katoonk mailbox. The mailbox works like a conversation thread similar to what you find on Gmail, facebook or smartphones. You can use the mailbox to send your tests. And to find the resume of a contact just click on its name.

You just have a job vacancy to provide? Come and test this new system, your first job offer posted is free ! Need assistance? Feel free to contact us!

NEWSLETTER Did you know

2012-06-14feedback Annecy

We are back from the festival which was very intence! We presented the Website v.2 and the projects proposed by our members to the studios present at the Mifa and to the TV channels like the BBC, RAI, CatalanFilm, France Television ... We hope you will hear from them very soon!

2012-06-06NORANIM HIRE

KATOONK is a partner of the event "NORANIM recruitment" at the "carrefour de la création" Annecy Festival:

Students. Promoters. Writers. Come meet the studios of the north of France.
8 studios looking for new talent for their upcoming and current productions  :
Planet Nemo Tchack, Les Films du Nord, I Look, Red Frog, ArtFX, Butterfly.
Come introduce yourself in mini-interviews Wednesday, June 6th from 16:30 to 18:30. Hotel Imperial. Talents space.
Meeting followed by a cocktail.

Noranim is an association of professionals in the animation Nord-pas-de-Calais. www.noranim.org


The katoonk team will be at the Annecy Festival from the 6 to the 8 june. Feel free to meet us.

2012-05-27NEWSLETTER Did you know

You can Create your own directory of professionals ! DID YOU KNOW ?!?

In moving from the V.1.00 V.2.00. We give you the opportunity to create a customizable directory of professionals. (Because we think very hard for you and try to make your life easier). You will keep in touch with all the employees which made you happy. And all the artists, you're dying to work with. This very practical tool is in Hiring / Resume Database/ :

It is named FAVORITES and works with the small stars. Yellow = checked; Grey = unchecked

To find all your former colleagues, two solutions:

Type the first OR the last name of the person in .... "First Name / Last Name" .... it makes sense ..... Be careful we said "OR" because together it does not work

Or type the name of your company in "Keyword" and if our members did update well their CV you will find them all !

You just have to press on the star next to the name and it's saved! Every visit, by clicking on "FAVORITES" in the Advanced Research area, all your littles favorites will be topping the list. It is the end of workbooks, excel lists and spiral notebooks! Your directory does not need to be updated because the users do it for you ! ... you must still remember to add new favorites One of your professional is not present on katoonk? ask them to register, it's Free

The FAVORITES service is available in the annual subscription ( 250€ ) .... With plenty other things as unlimited deposits of job offers and contacts details... Your participation will also be a nice pledge of support for our efforts! ... we sweat a lot ... Miaou....

NEWSLETTER Did you know

2012-05-25{fr:Donnez une chance a votre projet audiovisuel}{en:Give a chance to your TV pr

At the International Film Festival of Animation in Annecy (early June) we will present the website to producers and TV channels.

We will talk in priority over the "project space" that allows companies to choose between your creations of short, series and feature films to produce. If you want to submit projects and give them the visibility they need to lead in production, click here.

All possible precautions to ensure the safety of your project have been taken:

- Before posting your project you must first place a copy in safety in a specialized center (ex : SACD).

- The project content will be visible in the PROJECT LIST only for companies.

- Before seeing your project the company must sign a privacy policy.

- You will receive a mail on each visit of your project.

- In case of problems we put you in touch with an intellectual property lawyer.

Take advantage of our intervention to give an additional chance to your project!!

2012-05-12NEWSLETTER Did you know


By passing from the V.1.00 to the V.2.00. Some new questions have been added to your profil quiz. That we couldn’t answer for you !! So ... you are all JUNIOR ... as long as you doesn’t change it ! it is HORRIBLE !!!!!!! because it is not true ! And it is heavy of CONSEQUENCES too !

80% of the companies recruit through the consultation of resumes: They see you as inexperienced and does not contact you!
- That's less money in your pocket - And it does not encourage them to visit your profil again!

And Companies that post job offers have to make their choice with false datas !

Yes, everything is connected! And it takes 30 seconds to be changed. Postpone, does not serve you

- Because companies may be interested by your true profile now and could offer you a more interesting job

- Because companies are currently developing a workbook  (new service V2.00) which put a side the profiles in which they have interest. (And be sure they will not read twice the 5000 resumes!!!) no, no, it’s to much work ....

-Finally, having profiles not updated, will break the website dynamics: The compagnies will loose in interest. Your colleagues will no longer find work and will not be able to help you . and when you will be in research yourself, the website will be less effective !

So.... don’t let the vicious circle settle.AND CONNECT YOUSELF TO THE WEBSITE STRAIGHT AWAY !! be sweet ...

NEWSLETTER Did you know

2012-04-03the social networks

After a very long break on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in, we are back!

2012-04-03OPENING OF THE V.2.00


We have the honor to announce the opening of the version 2.00 of katoonk.com !
A new design but also new features!


Thank you for your patience! The website has changed host

2012-03-04changing host

Katoonk change its web hosting company for its version 2. As such the web site will be inaccessible for a few days from Friday, September 16th at 6pm, and we will reopen as soon as possible.

2011-07-17RELOOKING CONTEST Results

Thank you very much to all the participants of the KATOONK's RELOOKING CONTEST.
All your suggestions were very interesting!
We followed the selection of the katoonk's members who express their choice by vote:



2011-07-11RELOONKING CONTEST the votes


The posting of designs is now closed.
We invite you to vote before the 17/07/2011.
Remember that the website must be clear, joyful and serious: because it comes to employment, but we are also talking about animation !


2011-06-27RELOOKING CONTEST Opening

In four months will be set up Katoonk v2.00. As this site has been created for you, we offer you the opportunity to redesigne it at your taste by offering us models of the home page.

• The deposit of models begins the 27th of June 2011 and ends the 10th of July 2011 untill midnight.
• The members of Katoonk will have the possibility to vote between the 11th of July 2011 and the 17th of july 2011 untill midnight
• First prize: A Wacom Intuos A5 4M MAC / WIN
Tablet offered by Post Logic distributor of a complete range of software and integrated systems for video post-production, film, broadcast and 3D.



The Katoonk.com Team was in Annecy between the 6th and 11th of June. We made 2 presentations of the web site in the Creative Focus and many private meetings. Thanks to the Team for the Flyer distribution.
The Prizewinner films.

From the 30th of may to the 5th of june, the Katoonk.com team was in Copenhagen. We met 5 Danish Studios to present them the Katoonk services. We also met the Danish animation professionals at their get tougether party.

Event: Presentation of Katoonk and all of its services Wednesday, 8 of June at 10am for animation professionals and Thursday, 9 of June at 10am for studio directors and managers for human resources. "carrefour de la creation", Imperial Palace, International Animation Film Festival Annecy.

A HUGE THANK TO TOONBOOM, PARTNER OF THE KATOONK RAFFLE . A storyboard license was the 1st prize!

Very good party to the "Cale Sèche"! A very nice bar with good music: you danced! Sorry for those who believed it was in the LouPascalou bar .... read the invitations!

You were 70 to participate in the raffle: 3rd prize: a chocolate fish. (a fake fish!) 2nd prize: Salmon slices (a real but dead fish!) First Prize: .... the logic would have liked a real living and fresh fish but it could have been a poisoned gift for the future owner so ... First Prize: A LICENSE TOONBOOM STORY BOARD! ..... and there you were happy:)

The winning fish in attached document:

Katoonk invites you to the INTERSTUDIO Party in Paris APRIL the 1st at the DRY DOCK BAR - 18 rue des Panoyaux, 75020 Paris-. We are organizing a raffle with a"April Fool" gift !

For reasons of security and confidentiality, mails to respond to job offers are no longer visible, you can now apply directly by email through the website. With you message we send to the company a direct link to your Katoonk profile. No need to send demo-real, resume or contact, they will get everything. However polish your letter and up date your profile !

Cartoon informs us that "Mr. Barroso has moved positively (thanks to petitions), but the procedure is still long and we need to remain vigilant for the defense of the MEDIA Program. It is not saved yet but it takes a better direction. "

TECHNICAL : We added the job title "Fur-hair specialist"

TECHNICAL: For reasons of security and privacy, the professionals emails and phone number are no longer visible on the site. You can now contact them directly by email through Katoonk. For the same reasons resumes and links to professional's websites are accessible only by companies.

Katoonk recruite to complet the team.

TECHNICAL: Blender has been added to the list of software. If you have this computer skill, please check the box to be referenced in the resume database research.

TECHNICAL: It finally happened, because it is so much more convenient: a trash-button online, next to your ad to DELETE when the job when is provided!
You no longer have to keep the deposit confirmation mail and its URL link.

We return of Angouleme, we went to visit seven Animation companies. For now, the recrutment is very calm, but hiring is expected in February-March .... then in May-June (and a lot !).... patience ...

Pretty successful evening, you were about fifty (10% of the animation professional pool in the region, so same score as in Paris). You're not use to this kind of parties, the next will be more suited to the way you do, I promise;)

Katoonk invites you to the Afterwork-Animation-Studio-Party in ANGOULEME, January 27, 2011. Bring your colleagues!

TECHNICAL:The site was closed Sunday, January the 23 for maintenance. The update was completed successfully: All profiles are now listed by region and the number of job category which it is possible to apply was limited to four. Please check up your account.

We called last week all the Animation studios of France. They are generally not in a recruiting phase as they are in the development stage.
Those who did not knew Katoonk, were pleased to learn of his existence and will use it soon.
Most of them use at first, the Resume database, which is why they ask you to put your demo real, not to choose to many work title and write down your resume on your profile.
When they post job offers, they would like to be read more carefully. It is useless to write them if your profile does not match the search.
A little more application from you and Katoonk will work like clockwork!

Thank you very much to the 13 personnes who made donations. Thanks to your contributions we raised 120 euros, which will help us to pay half of our hosting provider costs.

TESTIMONY:"[...]I check your site regularly because I find it well done and I must not be the only one because the accumulated number of profiles is awesome.You have a recruiting base unparalleled to my knowledge.[...]you deserve to be supported."L

TESTIMONY: "thank you, I just received seven candidacy, it works! [...]" Cendrane Films (France)

TECHNICAL: Creation of this news page. You can now follow all the advancements of the site, technical changes and our efforts to improve the services!

We wish you all the best for this new Year 2011! The katoonk.com Team. E-card

TESTIMONY: "Service clean, clear, helpful, knowledgeable, simple, effective ... what can we ask more" R. S

TESTIMONY: "I like your site - I think it is really great and in a longer view, it can change the way we work: [...] a more open and fairer work world based on skills. [...]" MM

Katoonk has many projects to enhance and complement its services!
Our team is build by animation professionals incombent who are working on the website on their own time. We now want to make a big progess on katoonk so we will devote ourselves exclusively it for 1 month.

Katoonk site is a volunteer non-profit website, receiving no subsidy and in need of the mobilization of its community to survive. (Cover the costs of maintenance, technical development, administrative and communication work)

We would like to appeal to your generosity and put up a donation system: make a donation
Thank you for your help! We will return it.

Thanks Cre'Acc we received a training to learn who to communicate through the press. Thanks to Pablo from Press&Vous.

TECHNICAL: We limited the Resume list to a display of 30 profiles per page.

TECHNICAL: Job offers over 3 months are automatically removed

TECHNICAL: Establishment of the localization of the professionals by region rather than by city to improve advanced research in the Resume database. This allows people living in the suburbs of big cities to have a better ranking. The old system (city) no longer works, so we request you to update your profile.

TESTIMONY: "Hello, [...] thank you for your site, which allowed me twice to find a job in animation, and to keep me informed of current and future productions . [...] "K. A.G

PRESS:They talk about us on 3DVF!
"- KatoonK.com platform specialised in finding jobs or trainings in the trades of 2D or 3D animation welcomes you with open arms, please check it out."
thank's JeremAY!

Winner of Cre'acc 2010, Katoonk was quoted in the week in Ile de France

PRESS: An article over Katoonk was published in the magazine Internet Top 500 Sites

TECHNICAL: Companies must now register and create an account to be able to submit a job offer and enter in contact with professionals from the Resume database.

TECHNICAL: New question in the Job offer Post : Possibility of remote work ?

TESTIMONY:"Your site has been very useful in our research. [...]" Normaal animation (France)

Awards Contest Cre'acc 2010 at the Chamber of Commerce in Paris 18h. Katoonk wins the category "young". Thanks to all the organizers and partners who believed in the Katoonk.com team and support the animation industry! We won trainings and advices from experts to improve our management of the company. It was a very good evening!

TESTIMONY:"[...] Congratulations for your site. [...]" Studio Carribara Annecy (France)

TESTIMONY:"Thank you for the speed of your customer service and technical support!"H.

TESTIMONY: "Thanks, I already use Katoonk to find jobs, and I think there’s no one better than Katoonk for online recruitment. Best regards"D.T.

TESTEMONY: "[...] Everything is very Professional K., Bravo!" A.V

EVENT: Katoonk invites you to the Animation After work Party on Friday, August 13th 19pm to enjoy with your colleagues , the Parisian sun and the terrace of the Lou Pascalou Bar -14 Panoyaux Street, 75020 PARIS metro-Menilmontant.
Katoonk offers the sangria!
And a table will be reserved for meeting new people.

TESTEMONY: "Thank you for your email, yes I know your website and it is very good, at present I have registered as candidate, I hope in future to be in the position of hiring people too. " N.

PRESS: A newspaper article over Katoonk appeared in jeunecineaste.net !

PRESS: An Article onver Katoonk in Animeland ! Yeah!

Thanks Adrian, thanks Mr. Fallaix !

TESTEMONY: "Hi Thanks again for this great site. [...]" YB

TESTEMONY: "Thanks, you're the sun that chases the clouds;)" YR

Introducing Katoonk in private conversation with representatives of:
Dreamworks et Walt Disney ( Unied States),
Carpe Diem, Zabelle, Pascal Blais, Artifex Anmation, Spectra Animation et Image (Canada),
cartoonsaloon (Irland), Encuadre (Argentina), Finnanimation (Finland), Inspidea (Malesia)..., Irib (Iran),
Exhibits 3D and Mosaica (Itlaie)
Safari de ville, ToutenKartoon et Ramses2 (France.)

EVENT: Presentation of Katoonk to the animation studios present at the Annecy Festival at the Moon Bar on June 8 at 5pm. Were present representatives of studios Dreamwall (Belgium), ECAT (Argentina), Delacave (France) and InforgStudio (Hungary). Many Thanks to the manager of the Bar, which opened just for us!

Catherine Regnier will be in Annecy from the 7 to the 10th of June. If you want to meet us, make an appointment :) katoonk@katoonk.com

TECHNICAL: Installation of the JobAlterte Newsletter, informing you of the deposit on katoonk from a job offer matching your search. To receive it, check the box in your profile.

Katoonk celebrates his 1 year!
1650 professionals registered (at rythme of 5 registrations per day on average).
93 companies regisgtered who make regular announcements.
200 jobs were offered through katoonk ( 1 ad per working day on average).
We record a frequency of 10,000 hits per month.

TECHNICAL: Setting up the system of donation (button at the bottom of each page)

PRESS / RADIO: Catherine Regnier, Katoonk's General Director responded to Alexis Hunot's questions( zewebanim ) during the live radio show "dream bubbles" on 89.4 FM radio libertaire. You can listen to it hier.

PRESS: Katoonk get an article in the anim' News No. 36 of the SPFA!
Thanks M. Lebars !

PRESS: The first article over Katoonk appears on Actukids!

250 people were present at the Animation After Work Party, which is much more than what we expected! So obviously, not enough fries ..... and ultimately not enough beer either, you lyophilized the bar at midnight, hence the expulsion! Nice Evening. Thank's for the drawings.

EVENT: Katoonk organizes for the Parisians, Friday, May 7, 2010 an Animation AfterWork Party to find your colleagues for a drink! Find us at The London Bar at 2 rue de Paradis 75010, Métro Gare de l'Est, from 19h. Talk about it around you, Katoonk offers the french fries!

TESTEMONY: "[...] And thank you again, your site is really damn good!" P

PRESS: First press release.
Thanks Adeline!

TESTEMONY: "Thank you for your quick reply . [...] As for your help and efficiency." X.G

TESTEMONY: "[...]you did a good job, it works perfectly. Thank you!" M.C

TESTEMONY: "Thank you to prevent the members [of the site improvements], I think it's good thing. And thank you to the team, good luck fot the futur." B.

TECHNICAL: To proceed to a professionals research by software abilities, please re-register your computer skills in your profiles. This will allow companies to save time on their research in the Resume database. The former system does not work anymore.

Thank you to the Gühmes team ( multimedia and audiovisual production studio): Bartholomew, Julian, Julian and Matthew for their listening, advice and support !

PRESS: Gühmes studio talks about Katoonk on it's blog

TESTEMONY: "We received many offers of work very quickly and were able to build our team (1 Animator and 2 graphists) in just 3 days! [...]" Studio IN OUT (France)

TESTEMONY: "Hello everyone, Thanks for creating your site, it was a necessity and it is you who have taken the initiative. Bravo. [...] "JPM

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